The Scott County Election Commission is charged to afford all the citizens of Scott County the opportunity to vote in all Federal, State, County and City Elections. We are responsible for maintaining voter registration files, polling place arrangements, appointments, and training of election officials, printing ballots, preparation of election supplies, providing information to candidates seeking public office, purchase, storage and maintenance of voting equipment, and certification of elections. We strive to promote the election process in an open, fair and effective manner to secure the freedom and purity of the ballot as required by the laws of Tennessee and the United States.  Feel free to email me at

Scott County Election Commission Members

Michael Fred Marcum, Chairman

Republican Member


Jobe Jeffers, Secretary

Democratic Member 

Susan Dunlap

Republican Member 


Mike Slaven

Republican Member 

Jacob Boshers

Democratic Member 

Gabe Krahn,  Administrator of Elections

Veronica Carson, Deputy Administrator of Elections

Jalenia Goad, Secretary

Travis Frogge,  Machine Technician

Zacch Brown, Machine Technician